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Performance Management through KRA’s

People need to know what is expected out of them. Expectations from them are usually communicated verbally in one to one meetings or team meetings. However, as soon as they are back their day to day activities these expectations loose visibility. It helps to document performance expectations or Key Result Areas (KRA).

My first introduction to KRA’s was some 8 years back when I was a software tutor. We were given KRA’s in the beginning of our term. We had to align our day to day activities according to those KRA’s. Documented result areas provided us a path to tread. We knew what exactly is expected out of us and we performed accordingly. KRA's deal with results and not with day to day activities and hence more quantitative the KRA's are the easier they are to track.

Here is the process I prefer to use.

– Talk to individual team members, gather information
– Identify their day to day activities and hence derive key result areas
– Document them and allocate a timeline (could be a very small document)
– Communicate KRA’s to the team members
– Revisit progress of an individual on these KRA’s periodically
– Critically review performance against each of these KRA periodically
– Facilitate them in case of deviations
– Observe, measure, discuss and appraise

KRA’s help individuals align their day to day activities to overall organizational/project goals in terms of results delivered. 

Any useful experiences on KRA’s that you’d like to share ?


  1. Today was the first time I heard about the KRA system, and went serching to find your site and found it quickly!!
    I am about to be interviewed for a job in a Readymade Garment Manufacturing Company and I hope I can learn a lot from your website on KRA as I continue to go through all what you have to share.
    Thanks and I look forward to continuing to write to you often.
    Best regards
    Shashi Talwar
    Chennai, India

  2. Hi I need sample KRA for product Management team

  3. would like to know,the important KRA’s and KPI’s need to be used for Garment Quality Assurance

  4. Hi Abdou / Neeraj,

    KRA for Product Management Team could be:

    1. New Product development
    2. Improvement in Quality
    3. Decrease in In-process rejection
    4. Implementation of tools like six sigma or lean manufacturing
    5. On time delivery

    KRA for Quality could be:

    Savings achieved through Quality related improvements ……..through activities such as: Kaizen, suggestions, SGA, etc. The cost saved through these activities lead to recurring savings for the company.

  5. I want sample KRA for Project Manager, Project Co-ordinator and network engineer in the IT industry.

  6. I want KRA for Group Leader (Facilitator). I working in MNC (BPO industry) which produce Book Work (Technical and Engeering) all client from US, UK, Canada and I need Pramotion also as a Delivery Head (Assistant Manager), right now 52 members working in our Team.
    We’re three GL in all three shifts (24 x 7) format. A Manager above of us and 2 defference choaches (one Desktop and one Proofreadere (QC) Choach) also working with us.

  7. Yes, learnt about this for the first time. It is really useful.

  8. Hi Gireesh, Thanks for your comment and pointing to your article.

    I will review the link and post it as a reference on my blog for the benefit of readers of this blog.


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