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(How to) Have a Great Monday!

Finland Spring

Photograph: by Tanmay Vora (Spring season in Finland)

A good Monday means a good week ahead. So how do you ensure that you have a kick-ass Monday? Here are a few thoughts –

  • Monday is momentum day. If you are able to pick up momentum on Monday, rest of the week just follows through.
  • If you feel miserable on Monday, take a half day break but never start week with that miserable feeling!
  • Get out of the planner and get on to action. Complete that deliverable, pick up the phone and talk to client, meet that team member who wants to meet you since last week. Focus on “doing” part and get things up to speed.
  • Get some important things done in the first half of Monday. Early wins on key priorities will supply energy for rest of the day/week.
  • It makes a lot of sense to start Monday an hour earlier than your scheduled time. No interruptions for first one hour in office means you can do a lot more.

If you are really keen to have an exciting week, focus on Monday. Rest will automatically fall in place.

On that note, have a super-charged week ahead!

  1. It feels very motivated to read something like this on a MOnday morning…You will all ready to take up all the challenges for the week to come..Cheers:)

  2. Sir, Really a nice and movivated blog for starting a new week with enthusiasm and fresh. So, that rest of the days work go smooth. Sir, please post such enthusiastic blogs.

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