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Seth Godin’s “What Matters Now” and a Few More Gems


Seth Godin recently released a free eBook titled “What Matters Now” – it is a collaborative effort of 70 great thinkers who have presented brilliant ideas that will truly shake you up to think deep and wide as we approach 2010.

I read it and found it to be truly REMARKABLE with short and profound insights. Some of the ideas that deeply influenced me:

“Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb” Hugh McLeod

“You are only as rich as the enrichment you bring to the world around you.”Rajesh Setty (@upbeatnow on Twitter)

“Here’s the final measure of your success as a speaker: did you change something? Are attendees leaving with a new idea, some new inspiration, perhaps a renewed commitment to their work or to the world?”Mark Hurst

“Gratefulness is a muscle, not a feeling. You need to work it out daily. Every morning, give thanks to two people that helped you yesterday and one person that will assist you today. This will focus your mind on what you have, and you’ll soon realize you are not alone.” TimSanders (@sanderssays on Twitter)

Download it now and share the invaluable wisdom from some of the best brains!

A Few More Gems

Enjoy reading these gems and have a great weekend ahead!