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Great Quotes: Super Seven From The Collection of Michael Wade

Michael Wade is a GREAT blogger I have been following since 2006. He provides very interesting commentary, shares some fantastic resources and thoughts on his blog Execupundit. He was the first blogger to have linked back to this blog way back in 2006.

Whenever I need some inspiration, I refer to “Quote of the day” series on Michael’s blog. You know what? They never fail to inspire me. Today, I am presenting Seven best business quotes I have read off late on Execupundit

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. (Link)
– Francis Bacon

Why do questions matter more than answers? If you don’t ask the right question, it doesn’t matter what your answer is. And if you do ask the right question, no matter what your answer, you will learn something of value. (Link)

– Alan M. Weber

Power of right questions in business environment cannot be undermined. You can read my views on this in my posts “Right Questions > Right Answers > Right Results” and “Ask Right Questions”.

Those who speak most of progress measure it by quantity and not by quality. (Link)
– George Santayana

I wrote two posts (here and here) which presents my views on quality and quantity – and why achieving quality is the first step towards excellence.

The usual way of doing things often gets in the way of doing things. (Link)
– Russell L. Ackoff and Sheldon Rovin, Beating the System

In some cases, a system can be beaten by rigorously following its rules and regulations. (Link)
– Russell L. Ackoff

In my view, processes are “tools” that help us become more effective. That, in no way, means that processes are a silver bullet that will solve all your problems.

People don’t work for an organization; they are the organization. (Link)
– Richard W. Buchanan

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. (Link)
– George Santayana

I collected great quotes ever since I was in school, because they allow us to peek into the minds of great thinkers. Profound learning in a few words.

Thank you Michael for sharing such brilliant wisdom.

P.S: Michael Wade also wrote an advance praise and a review of my book #QUALITYtweet – 140 bite-sized ideas to delivery quality in every project.

  1. Most of the time people love to be in comfort zone but it is really dangerous for company as well as for individual’s growth. Strategies mentioned in the articles are really good; one should follow to break the zone.

  2. Thanks for the kind and thoughtful post, Tanmay. I’ll let you know when the book of quotations is out.


  3. @Shaival – There is no doubt about the fact that accepting the status-quo is a dangerous sign for individuals and organizations.

    Thank you for commenting.


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