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A Round Up of My Writing in May 2010

May 2010 was a ‘hot’ month – literally as well because most parts of India saw an unprecedented heat wave. For blogging, it was hot too – because I wrote a lot of posts on a variety of topics (including thoughts on training, hiring and quality improvement) and all these posts received recognition from the blogosphere. Beginning of June marks some respite from the heat with formation of clouds and their movement eastwards.

In case you missed reading any of my posts in May 2010, here is a quick round up of all my writing in May 2010. (You can also visit monthly round ups of Jan 2010, Feb 2010, Mar 2010and April 2010)

My Writing at QAspire Blog

Elsewhere on Web

  • I have been writing a series of posts on #QUALITY at ActiveGarage. I added one more post titled “7 tips for acting on customer feedback” to the series this month. 15 articles so far taking the conversation on quality forward with practical ideas and insights. Check them all out!


Now looking forward to June 2010 – I wish you a WONDERFUL month ahead!
  1. I think I missed reading your post “The Magic of an Old Book: Some Profound Insights” – I was on vacation that time. I like what is written there –

    “The deepest hunger of the human heart is to feel understood, valued and respected.”

    It reminds me a time when me and Sumita came to you to discuss the ideas on your book “QualityTweet” and you told us about your ideas on RESPECTING people at work.

    Thanks for providing “all-in-one” list for the last month.

    • Thanks for your continued support Ajay. The idea behind the round-up post is to ensure that you read the stuff you may have missed because of whatever reasons.

      Yes – I have very strong views on being human at workplace and respect people. As managers or leaders – we need to realize that we are not dealing with cogs in the wheel – or parts of a machinery. We are dealing with living, breathing, emotional and intelligent human beings. :))


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