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Nine Roles for Great Leadership

In one of the conversations with a friend, we were discussing about leadership and various things a leader does. The job description of a leader is not easy to derive, just because of the breadth of areas a leader touches upon. We discussed more, and the following roles came out:

  • Architect: Leader has a clear vision of future they want to see. They visualize the future state and create a compelling vision to which people subscribe. They share vision and provide clarity to align people to the vision (of an organization, team or project).
  • Planner: Like any other qualified planner, leaders draw out maps. They create plans with long term focus and short term goals. They identify quick wins. They review early and often – and then re-align.
  • Executor: Leaders do stuff – make things happen. Once they are absolutely clear about the future, and how they are going to get there – the just focus on doing. Great execution is at the core of great leadership.
  • Conductor: Leaders conduct, just like any great music conductor. They inspire possibilities and greatness. They ensure rhythm in the efforts of people to ensure right results.
  • Teacher: Leaders teach all the time. Great leaders are teachers and vice versa. They teach people via effective mentoring.
  • Steward: More than anything else, a leader SERVES – puts service to others before self. A leader is humble – and serves people who follow,
  • Innovator: Leaders find new ways of working. They innovate on purpose and introduce fresh thinking for better business outcomes to customers, organization and people.
  • Expert: A leader is an expert – at understanding of people, businesses, customers and everything that matters. They use their personal mastery over these important things to weave a working culture that focuses on results. On outstanding performances.
  • Thinker: Leaders spend time with themselves to think. To assess. To understand the impacts of their actions. They ruminate upon their plans and their vision. They think about people and setting right examples.

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Have a Fantastic Friday!

P.S: Anything you would like to add to the list above?

  1. Hi Tanmay,

    Really Nice post!!
    Leaders are the one who should be an example to all. They must visualize the future, inspire the people . Another important role of a Leader is to ensure that team is moving in the same direction at the same pace at the same time.
    Just recollecting your earlier post that a Leader should Guide an enterprise, Inspire by example, Make those around better.

    Have a nice weekend!!!!

    Anil Kumar

    • @Anil Thanks for adding your thoughts Anil – I am glad you liked the ideas presented in the post. “Inspire by example, make those around you, better” – Amen to that!


  2. Hi Tanmay,

    It is really a nice article on leadership.
    Leader is like catalyst (according chemistry “Catalysis is the change in rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of a substance called a catalyst.A catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations. Catalysts that speed the reaction are called positive catalysts.”)
    Have a nice weekend



    • @Devang Thanks for adding that important point Devang. Leaders are catalysts who inspire action. You have a great week ahead!


  3. Leader has to also play a good role of analyzer and critic of himself to keep things in control while execution, the most important thing for a leader to be a leader a step ahead of others.

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep inspiring 🙂


    Niraj Shah

    • @Niraj – Thanks for the comment Niraj – and for that great addition to the list. Leader is also a “constructive critic” who analyzes from time to time.


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