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Mini Saga: Accepting Differences

Leaders embrace difference because they know the power of differential thinking to build a great team. For smart professionals, one of the most important skills is to accept differences (and learn from them) without taking it personally. Enjoy the story:

Mark joined this new company only a few months back, but he felt frustrated. He frequently had strong debates with his boss over solutions because Mark thought very differently than his boss. This was the reason Mark wanted to quit – and also a reason why his boss had hired him!

Note: A mini saga is a story in exactly 50 words (not 49, and not 51!). This mini-saga is written based  on a real-life experience.

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  1. I am sure there are lots of “Mark” living around us, I think changing yourself is not an easy task, But one should always be ready for that change.

    • @Ajay : Thanks for comment Ajay – changing oneself is not easy, but then, we do not have an option. We need to remain objective when at work – and ensure that we take differences positively and learn from them, rather than feeling victimized when someone counters us. That level of maturity takes years to attain – but remaining conscious about it is the key.


  2. Indeed. I totally agree with you.
    Thank you for the reply.

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