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Connecting, Building Relationships and Team Success

Quality of relationships between the team members is one of the determinants of success as a team – be it project, process improvement initiative or an organization building one. Success of projects/initiatives is generally attributed to processes and rituals. Processes are crucial but not sufficient. It is people who work, co-operate with each other, demonstrate trust, work as a team, share a common goal, exercise their ‘discretionary effort’ and make things happen.

Leader’s role is very crucial here. Leaders can simply do transactional communication ("Do this form by end of tomorrow and lets review it then") or truly connect with their team members. Connecting skillfully with people means:

  • understanding them (and their value)
  • their aspirations
  • their communication preferences
  • what they bring to the table
  • building mutual trust
  • listening well to everyone
  • communicating your values
  • understanding complementary skills
  • how each one of them can play to their strengths
  • invest in their development

With this understanding, leaders have to weave a web of relationships amongst the team members by doing right communication and necessary team building activities. When team is connected, they understand and appreciate different roles and how each role impacts the success.

Success happens when the team members feel that they belong to a team, actively participate and work towards team’s success. In my experience, people forget the success of projects/initiatives on a long run, but they always remember the fun they had while executing the work. People cherish relationships they build while working.

So critical question today is – How are you leveraging relationships in your team / projects / initiatives?

  1. Tanmay,

    This one was truely more effective than a strong ginger tea to start a fresh week @ work!
    Team work plays a crucial role in success of any nature of project in any field, be it a manufacturing, construction, s/w or sports.

    Highly talented individuals can’t prove effective untill their efforts is wrapped up with great team collaboration.
    Very rightly mentioned in this post that for a leader it’s important that their team mates share healthy internal relations amongst them and they are always ready to help each other and improve their outputs.
    “People might forget the success of projects/initiatives on a long run, but they always remember the fun they had while executing the work.” – this happens very often with a great team captained by a great leadership.

    Thanks for making my day with this lovely post, Tanmay.

    Jay Chhaya

    • @Jay – Thanks! Building a team spirit is one of the most important (and sometimes challenging) task of a leader. As you rightly pointed out, a strong matrix of relationships among team members forms a base for excellent performances. Sports provide numerous examples of how highly connected and motivated individuals work wonders on the field.

      I am so glad you found the post stronger than a ginger tea! Writing them (and then receiving these comments) gives me similar shots of energy! 🙂 Have a GREAT week ahead!


  2. Right on target again. It was the loss of this effect of leadership that solidified my leaving my previous job. We had the real relationships and enjoyed success but then a command and control leadership took over and now 2/3 of the original team have left

    • @John – People seldom leave companies, they leave their leaders. Your story consolidates that fact. I have had similar experiences in the past where a command and control management led to erosion of good team members. Command and control was good for manufacturing world. In people oriented business scenario, leaders have no choice but to connect meaningfully and build a relationship matrix if they want to survive/thrive on a long run.

      Thanks for the comment!


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