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Friday High-Five: Posts I Loved Reading Last Week

Friday again – time to share some of the most profound posts that I loved reading last week. These brilliant posts hit the point and leave us with some excellent lessons. A big high-five to these amazing folks.

  • Six Thoughts About Middle Management – by Lisa Haneberg
    Lisa says, “Management is a social act. Conversations are your currency to generate excellence and bring out the best in others. Erode relationships, erode results.”
  • 10 Things: Addressed And Your Awesome Potential Will Be Unleashed- by NICHOLAS BATE
    Professor Bate says, “Believe in Yourself. You don’t have to be liked by everybody to do great things, to live the Life you wish, to change the world. AGREE THAT WITH YOURSELF.”
  • How to Discuss an Employee Performance Problem – by Dan McCarthy
    Dan reminds us, “Knowing how to sit down with an employee and have an effective conversation about a performance problem is one of the hardest things for any manager to do, new or experienced, and should never be taken for granted.” He also offers practical tips to handle a performance problem.
  • Three Years of CO – by Kurt Harden
    Cultural Offering blog completed three years and Kurt ruminates on the journey so far. He says, “That is the deal that is blogging. You take a shot at it. Put some thoughts down. Words to sentences to paragraphs, all to hone your skills – writing, reading, thinking. Sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss. But over time there are more hits than misses.”
  • The performance value of total concentration – by Tim Sanders
    Tim Sanders posted a small and important reminder that working on one thing with total concentration has tremendous performance value. He also reminds that we can’t excel at all things at a time. Must read if you are struggling with your productivity.

Have a Fantastic Friday and a refreshing weekend!

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