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Thursday Thought: The “Real” Worship

A quick thought. A lot of people worship religiously by following age old traditions, maintaining rituals and visiting religious places. That is the kind of worship that connects us to the Almighty.

In my view, the “real worship”, the one that deeply connects us to our own selves, is to:

  • first be ‘human’ in everything we do.
  • know how to ‘give’ generously (and unconditionally).
  • fully express ourselves through our work, and change the world for better.
  • bring out the best in people around us.
  • be able to forgive others. (Remember: Life’s too short to carry burden of regrets)
  • strengthen our character by consistent integrity.
  • embrace simplicity. (Clutter takes us away from ourselves)
  • always strive and see positive side of things.
  • smile, be happy and spread the cheer.
  • live a full, engaged and passionate life.
  • remain curious, read, learn, teach and grow.
  • strive for physical and mental wellness (not just health).
  • be grateful for whatever we have.
  • nurture our friendship and treasure our relationships.
  • spend some time everyday with self, reflecting and introspecting.
  • enjoy good music, good art and anything that gives us joy.
  • plant (a tree, an ambition, a seed of thought, an idea)
  • live in the moment. (past is gone and we don’t know the future yet).

The paradox of a hyper-connected world is that it has become easier to connect with people across the globe, but difficult to connect with our own selves.

So, take some time out to do the “real worship” – today, tomorrow and everyday!

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Have a GREAT Thursday!

  1. Reading the post initially, I was just thinking why the author this time has deviated from the topics involving ‘Quality’,’Process’,’Management’.

    But Sir, later giving a thought post completing the post, I realized that you have still tried to show ways of injecting “Quality” to our Worship, “Improving Process” by coming out of the legacy method and meaning of worship and “Managing” a better life following this.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful thought.
    Importantly, we need to figure out to what extent we can implement this / part of this list in our highly competitive professional spectrum. 🙂

    Jay Chhaya

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