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Resistance and Criticism: 8 Facts and 8 Lessons

If you are a leader, you will invariably face situations where:

  • People will criticize you for doing something.
  • People will criticize you even for not doing something.
  • Your decisions will go against you.
  • You will face a lot of resistance in your initiatives.
  • Roadblocks will be encountered
  • People will closely analyze your decisions.
  • You may be accused of doing (or not doing) something.
  • Or you will encounter people with wrong motives.

So, what will you do? Give up? Here’s what you should know:

  • Criticism is inevitable. The fact that people are criticizing means that you are doing something meaningful.
  • We are at our competitive best when we are pushed to the edge by the critics/adversities.
  • Each criticism or resistance is an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Resistance enables you to understand how people operate. (an important skill)
  • If someone extends a pen to you, you have a choice whether you want to accept it or not. (Ditto with criticism)
  • The best way to answer a critic is to do a kick-ass job at whatever you do. Great conduct is a profound statement.
  • Keep an open mind when being criticized – it may well be an opportunity to improve upon yourself.
  • Criticism, resistance and adversities at work should always help you in raising your own game.

On that note, have a Fantastic Friday!

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  1. Tanmay, I definitely agree that the fact that people criticism you, means that you have been doing something. That is better than doing nothing at all. You can’t win them all, so it is always good to take the criticism with an open mind and see what you learn from it.

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