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ET Young Leaders: An Opportunity to Shine

India’s economic growth is largely attributed to its “demographic dividend” – a large pool of talented, competitive and growing young workforce. For India Inc., this is an opportunity as well as a challenge.

Today, India Inc. needs more business leaders than ever before, who can not only direct the energies of the young professionals but also create new opportunities to creatively engage them.

If you are the one who thinks you have what it takes to be a business leader, you have an opportunity – The Economic Times, India’s largest business daily, has launched “The Economic Times Young Leaders” initiative today.

ET Young Leaders

For more information:

Indian professionals between 26 and 32 years can can both nominate themselves or be nominated by their companies, before being tested on leadership skills in a structured and rigorous four-phase process that will culminate with one-on-one sessions with eight high-profile business leaders and CEO’s. To do so, this program will use proven competencies developed by SHL Plc, and the Indian School of Business.

In my view, the concept is excellent, and the one that our business eco-system really needs. This initiative not only attempts to fill the leadership gap, but also provides a strong platform where aspiring individuals can test their competencies benchmarked against leadership metrics that have been developed based on learnings and experiences of corporate leaders from across the world.

So, what are you waiting for? You can register through their website, via their email address or simply send your email id to 58888.

It is an opportunity to shine, to be the best version of yourself and to accelerate your career. Don’t miss it!

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Note: Thanks to the ET Young Leaders team for providing me a Beta preview of this initiative, and for featuring my comments on their freshly launched website.


  1. Fantabulous opportunity for youth to get solid platform for leadership

  2. Great initiative and opportunity for dynamic young personnel, which leads them to learn Global aspects and improve. I am sure such concept will help lot to improve youth to take many steps ahead.

    Congrats all who are part of this and visualize the concept.

    Manish P

    • Thanks Manish. Please nominate yourself or people you know who have demonstrated leadership potential. This would be a very good platform.


  3. It is going to be Corporate ROADIES. I am registering today.

    • @Jhon – Please visit and register yourself using the right hand section. Alternately, you can check Times of India daily to see how you can register via email, or by sending text message.

      I hope this helps.

  4. @Swetha and @Mayhur –

    Please visit and register yourself using the right hand section. Alternately, you can check Times of India daily to see how you can register via email, or by sending text message.

    I hope this helps.

  5. It is right platform for young boys and girls to establish for better future in corporate.

    I hope it works out in my favour….!!!!!

  6. A wonderful concept indeed. This Land has time and again has given charismatic Leaders , this is definitely an endeavor to get some finest grains from husk.

    • Thanks Zafar – I really wish we get to discover some of the best leadership talent.

  7. can anybody please give me the contact detail of concern person regarding sponsorship…

  8. a good opportunity for every young indian……..

    • Hi Tanmay,
      Since the deadline for first phase is over can u please give some idea as to wen the results of first phase will be out ? and as to how many candidates will be selected from the first phase and the criteria of the selection.


  9. Very very good exercise for leaders and proved leaders are not born always, they will themself made with lot of homework and prepared to become achievement leaders in this era.

    The questions and answers is set for this exercise are very informative, Praciticallity and more closely inter-related. Most of the areas are very difficult to answers, but Good realted choices are done in orgainsed manner. Sure it will help young leaders like us to understand and adapt corporate thinking.

  10. its giving me a message as “server not found” when i type in the url…

  11. A wonderful concept. A great opputunity in terms on learning and growth for youngs guns in corporate world. Might act as a launching pad for youngsters.

  12. Hi Tanmay and all.

    The test here is gud, and I hope as ISB is involved, so the end result would also be good.

    By the way, when can we expect the results, as I am a little worried as the last day to complete the task is mentioned at SHL website as 29th March 2012.

    All the best guys n gals.

  13. Needless to mention this as a great Initiative by ET, Its superb. through the site its quite clear about the structure of tests.
    The 1st phase test questions were really generous. Thanks to SHL & ISB.
    Tanmay, Thanks to you as well for responding all of the above queries. what i understand from the site its appreciable effort. some points need to be clarified viz the time frame and deadlines, structure of the course.

    • Pratik, thanks for the comment and I am glad you registered. Thanks for those appreciating words as well.

  14. Hi Tanmay,

    Now that the last date for registration is over for phase 1,when can we expect the results.


    • Sailendra, the results are out already. Please check them at

  15. So its time for Phase II. Tanmay what can I expect now in this phase. 2938 and then …………

  16. Hi Tanmay,

    I saw about 2983 people are shortlisted in the first round.

    I am keen to know how many appeared for the exam…

    • Nidhi, I am sorry but I have no idea about it. May be, ET team can give you some clarity.

  17. hello sir,

    i am the one who is shortlisted in phase 1.i feel very good.
    i am keen to know that what type of aptitude test would be frame in phase 2,i have received all the necessary information regarding phase 2.

    thank you

    • Vipin, Congratulations for being shortlisted. I am glad you made through the first phase. I would suggest that you refer the program structure on for more information on phase II.

  18. Hi Tanmay,

    Do you have any idea as to when one can expect the results of phase 2? TIA!



    • Siva – as far as I know, the results should be out by next week. Wish you all the best!


  19. Hi Tanmay,

    Do you have any clue that when can we expect the results of phase 2?

    Amit Dubey

    • Amit – as far as I know, the results should be out by next week. Wish you all the best!


  20. hello,

    when the results of phase 2 are supposed to be out. After completing the 2nd phase test at RWW centre i was told that this will be by the end of June.

    please let me know. thank you !

  21. Hi Tanmay, got into R3 now have fingers crossed really as it gets closer to the finish. Only goal from here to get time with the CEO’s all great people in the panel and speaking to them personally is the real goal now……share some good things to keep in mind for group round on ground testing , sounds good actually 🙂

    • Jai, Many congratulations! I am so glad you made it to the third round.
      I wish you all the very best for the coming rounds!


  22. and yeah this is my first and last chance as I am at the border of qualifying criteria….

  23. Dear Tanmay,
    Will the top-50 winners of ETYL also have any chances of getting job offers by companies…since the process is very stringent; beyond doubt it is going to be the best talent pool for any corporate to choose from.

    • Hi Basant, I am not sure about the job offers, but I am sure that people who go through this process will be valued. It is a good credential to add to your resume anyway. Secondly, platforms like these also help us in knowing ourselves, our strengths better. If not anything else, we at least evolve during the process. That’s important.

  24. Hi Tanmay,
    Continuing on Basant’s line..I want to ask is there any chance that at least the 8 CEOs who would interview us in the final round would be willing to induct us in their company?…
    I do agree with you on the value addition thing through such contest

  25. Hi Tanmay,

    I made it to last 61 and now am feeling the heat slightly.May be in need of some help from people like you on just being mentally prepared for the last one.
    Irrespective of making it to final list, this opportunity to speak with a CEO and that too one from the elite panel formed bt ET is a sort of life time (though I feel and wish that this would just bethe begining and will have many more such oopty’s) and I wat to make most of it.Anything from your exp can help even if that a very generic advice would really help

    • Jai, congratulations for making it to final 61. It is difficult to articulate everything I want to share here in the comment, and calls for a blog post.
      In a nutshell, be confident, be yourself and do not let lose in expressing yourself completely.

      Best of Luck!

  26. Results were to come this weekend, but they have not. Having fingers crossed. By thevery your posts were very good on Vision and Communication.

    • Jai Shankar,

      Congratulations for making it to runner’s up list, I saw your name on the ETYL website. All the best for the way forward.



      • Thanks Tanmay,
        I would shre my experiences and feedback to you, there are valuble lessons learnt. I have also given myfeedbacl to Times even before results were out and I am glad they asked for one.
        Thanks for the wishes.

  27. mr. tanmay , sir i am 23 yrs old mr. tanmay i have drastic bundles of ideas for carrying a system in a straight forward direction. plz do the needfull ph 08010494959

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