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A Gentle Friday Reminder: Go Slow

You are moving too fast. Overwhelmed with everything, good or bad, happening around. Trying to figure out what’s really going on. Addressing the issues and responding to constantly changing (and often conflicting) demands of business.

You are also overwhelmed by the whole notion of survival – that the best wins. This notion puts you on a treadmill where you keep worrying without really going anywhere. You are constantly trying to hone your skills, learn as much as possible and clear those coveted certifications.

In a world of too many possibilities, thinking too much about your next frontier is also taking a toll. You are doing something right now and also thinking about something else that you want to do. Things like “make the most of your strengths” and “play by your potential” are actually confusing you because you can do so many things with your skills.

Then there are external expectations. Knowing you, people expect you to do wonders. Your boss expects you to meet (read ‘exceed’) your KRA’s. Clients keep you on your toes and emails never leave you alone. Twitter, Facebook and various other social networks are almost an addiction.

So, you end up reading an email while talking to someone on the phone. Checking your text messages when driving. Responding to requests on social media when talking to your spouse. Worrying about reaching home on time when discussing something important with the boss.

Always on to the next thing. Always on a prowl. Always ON, but never in the moment!

So, here is a gentle reminder on a few things:

Life is too short (really) to zoom past it.

If you think that being on this activity whirlwind is the only way to survive, it is actually counter productive. People who survive (and grow) are the ones who stay in the moment, concentrate and strive to deliver their best. Quality never comes from rushing through things.

Just because you can do so many things doesn’t mean you should attempt all of them. It is a sure way to add more clutter. Instead, decide on a few things that you love and then give your 102% to it.

Yes, survival (and growth) are important, so is your career and relationships. But rushing too fast through these is a risk, it is a killer. You never savor the moment, be in the present and enjoy the process. You end up ‘doing’ so much that there is no time to ‘ruminate’.

So this Friday, decide to slow down a bit. Unwind and do simple things in life with lot of love and care. Rejuvenate your creative self. Spend time with the family and create wonderful memories.

My friend (and an amazing blogger) Nicholas Bate says: “Chase quality of life, not standard of living. The former is what most of us actually want”.

I am in total agreement.

– – – – –

Have a refreshing weekend!