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In 100 Words: The End Game

In that management development program, the teacher asked participants to think deeply about how they would like to be remembered after they died and write it briefly.

One common thought that figured on the list of all 45 participants was, “I want to be remembered as a good human being.”

The teacher then extended the learning,

“We spend majority of time and energy in being successful, rich or famous and sometimes, at the cost of being good.  If the final goal of our life is to be a good human being, why not remind ourselves of that every single day?

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  1. Being good is useless unless we also have salvation! Jesus Christ died and rose from the cross so we could have salvation. If we ask him into our lives and heart, we are forgiven and no longer are we saved by works, but by grace. Our works then become a natural expression of our love for the Father, not something we must do to be good!

    Works (being good) without salvation is just fruitless!

    • I respect your views here, Jeff. Thanks for commenting.

      A majority of people want to be remembered as “good human beings” first and then for all objective things they did in life. According to ancient Indian concept of salvation (i.e. free from cycles of life and death), “karma yoga” (acting rightly through selfless service) is one of the ways to attain salvation.

      In any case, unless we are victims of some very acute circumstances or an extreme environment, we want to be good, do good and be remembered for that.

  2. a wow post.. really most of the we remain unaware of these small things which matter most. Thanks a lot for giving such a nice thought to remember..

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