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Collaborative Leadership at AIMA Blog

I was invited to write a series of articles on the topic “Indispensable Traits of a Collaborative Leader” for the blog of All India Management Association (AIMA). Since 1957, All India Management Association (AIMA) is functioning as an apex body of management with over 30,000 individual members, 3000 institutional members and 62 Local Management Association across India and overseas.

My first post in the series outlines the foundation of collaborative leadership. While you can check out the complete post at AIMA’s blog, here is a short excerpt:

“If trust is the currency of a collaborative team, communication is the way to build it. It is only when a team frequently communicates, provides clarity, clarifies vision, shares ideas, extends their lessons and outlines problems clearly that they can really collaborate. Leaders in a collaborative environment need to be transparent and conscious about cultural aspects of communication. They need to offer a compelling view of the future (vision) to engage the energies of people.”

One question that comes to my mind is, “In a knowledge world, can we really lead others without being collaborative?” The first response from the gut is “No”. In this series at AIMA blog, I look forward to dig into this question and think about key traits of a collaborative leader.

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Graceful Leadership 101 – in Gujarati language

In 2012, I wrote Graceful Leadership 101 (Free PDF Download) – a running list of simple (and common-sense) ideas that can help leaders become more graceful. Mr. Ashok Vaishnav, who is a regular reader of this blog and a blogger himself translated these ideas in Gujarati language and did a fantastic job at retaining the underlying emotion of each point. The translated version was published recently on a regional portal “”. Please check it out if you are a Gujarati. Love the way how ideas spread!

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  1. Great. I can offer to translate these points in Urdu as well. Will that do? Stay blessed.


  2. Interesting to know about the topic of collaborative Leadership, eager to read the series.

    And yes, Thanks for backlink.

    Jignesh Adhyaru

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