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In 100 Words: There is No Bad Weather

A retired weatherman was once questioned by a friend, “What kind of weather is it going to be tomorrow?”

“The kind of weather I am going to love,” was the instant response with a gentle smile on his wrinkled face. “How do you know that it will be the weather you will love?” the friend was curious.

The weatherman went on to explain, “35 years in weather department has taught me just one thing: there is no bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. To make the most of everything that doesn’t go as planned is an attitude thing!”

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  1. All the other writing on this blog are excellent and I am grateful for the intellectual joy felt
    when reading them. I have abstained from commenting this idea, at origin a Ruskin quote, but
    now I think it is my duty to tell my opinion; and it is very negative. Because weather can be dreadful and then it is ugly like hell too. I can give hundreds of examples, how can be a flood or
    a blizzard or deadly drought beautiful. Wnen I made an internal contest, the Ruskin quote won,
    it is the most false and stupid from my huge collection of quotes, aphorisms, proverbs and saying.

    I think it is better to debunk such misleading, idealistic, anti-realistic ideas. I have started a similar action with

    Due to my focusing on New Energy, I could not follow up. But I have a sketch critique of the Biblical parable of The Tares as objectively seen by an farmer. What do you think, can the Proverbs of Solomon, if approached WITH ira et studio, be still distinguished from truisms?

    Too many old books, too much obsolete once-wisdom, crowds of possesive ancient memes, petrified cultural issues are harmful for good thinking, problem solving and progress.

    My best wishes,

    • Thanks for your note here, Peter. I am glad you like the ideas presented here on this blog.

      The purpose of a story is to pass the underlying message and learning that shapes our attitude and belief to some extent. Weather can be hell and there’s no denying that. But what can we do about a hellish weather? Nothing, except possibly cribbing about it. Even when an external situation is not in our control, we still have control over how we take it. Again, I am not suggesting that we do not experience pain or try to escape the pain by so called positive thinking tactics. But we have all seen people with severe diseases trying to live life at their best, haven’t we? Not that they do not experience pain, but they choose to look beyond it.

      I do not think that this is an obsolete wisdom which prevents us from good thinking. I think it is good thinking that prevents us from being victims of everything that is out of our control.



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