In 100 Words: On Criticizing Constructively

In 100 Words: On Criticizing Constructively

January 27th, 2014 // 7:16 am @ Tanmay Vora // 3 Comments


A novice painter once put his first painting at a busy cross road for people to mark mistakes. End of the day, the painting was full of cross marks!

Next day, he made the same painting and displayed at the same cross roads. This time, he kept colors and brush there and requested people to not only point out mistakes but also correct it themselves. The day ended and painting was intact with no corrections made!

It is as important to say no to constant negativity as it is to pay heed to constructive criticism that helps us improve constantly.

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3 Comments → “In 100 Words: On Criticizing Constructively”

  1. Kaushal Mankad

    9 months ago

    As a recipient of criticism, one can benefit by focusing on the constructive elements of the criticism and that is where the fuss is.


    • Tanmay Vora

      9 months ago

      Giving critical comments and receiving criticism – both skills are more art than science!

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