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Flight Mode

Notifications on the devices are constantly craving for our attention. We check them when waiting at the traffic signal, while having the food, during meetings and while talking to our loved ones.

Constant connection with technology is not allowing us to establish real connections with others. It is taking a toll on our ability to communicate, converse and connect effectively.

We want others to listen to us, really understand our ideas and acknowledge our thought process. Being understood is a fundamental human need. Key question is: How often do we fail to do the same when communicating with others? 

Flight mode on your phone is not simply for when you are on an airplane. Try it at family meal, in the cinema queue with your friend and when taking a stroll through the park with your kids. Sanity mode. You know it makes sense. – Nicholas Bate, Jagged Thoughts for Jagged Times 112

Turning off technology when meeting a fellow human being is a way to tell them, I respect you.”

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