BLOGTASTIC by Rajesh Setty: A Blogging Guide

Why do I blog? Why do people blog?

I blog because it helps me see my thoughts. Get clarity. Make a small difference to my community. Build meaningful connections. Establish credibility.

One such connection I made during my blogging journey was with my friend and mentor, Rajesh Setty. He is one of those who has, through his writing, taught me some very important lessons in my blogging journey since 2006.

– – – – –

Coming back to blogging, most people think that having a blog is ‘such a cool thing’. They are allured to start their own blogs. They focus on a great design, using the right service, an appealing logo and so on. But then, they get stuck on content. Either they don’t have anything unique to say or they don’t know how to say it. Their blogs die a slow death.

Blogging is a great tool to build a personal brand, develop your unique voice and generate influence. But how do we approach it?

– – – – –

Rajesh Setty recently released a very informative and interesting eBook titled “BLOGTASTIC: growing and making difference through blogging”. It is a comprehensive guide for bloggers (and the aspiring ones). What I liked the most about this eBook is that it just doesn’t talk about blogging tactics. It addresses the mindset required for effective blogging. Apart from some very valuable insights by the author, this eBook also offers experiences of 33 other successful bloggers across the globe.

Tips and blogging insights in the book makes it very interactive and interesting. Here are a few tips/insights from the book:

“Take yourself to the next level before you can take your blog to the next level!”

You can rarely become memorable by being a chronic critic.”

Your blog readers are your customers who pay via their time and mindshare”

Your accomplishments outside the blog will directly influence the reach of your blog”

This is a book that gets to the heart of what blogging really is. If you are a blogger already, the book will provide you with ideas to take your blog to the next level. If you are someone who is thinking of starting a blog ‘some day’, this book will give you the much needed instigation to start sooner. In any case, you will definitely learn.

– – – – –

The good news is: This book is offered free by MobStac, so download, read and share it with anyone you think will benefit from it. You can also download this book from Slimbooks (paid).

Social Media and Leadership Success: A Few Parallels

When I first learned playing Guitar, I focused too much on notes, specifics and techniques. The more I practiced, the more I realized that notes, specifics and techniques are important for producing good music, but not sufficient.

So what was missing? The starting point of becoming a good artist is to have an emotion, an intent. Once you can touch the emotion and are intentional about it, tools and techniques are generally not difficult to master. Music played with technique may entertain us at the best but music played with emotion can move us.

In casual conversations, a lot of friends express a desire to start a blog. This desire is mostly fueled by success of others. They seek help in starting a blog, in creating a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. Here’s what I tell them:

The intent of connecting with others meaningfully is at the heart of social media (and leadership) success. With intent comes emotion which leads to difference. It is about liking people, interacting with them, learning from them and contributing back.

It is not about being like someone else, not about ability to use tools but about being your authentic and credible self. Once you are intentional and have right emotion to feel the content (be it music, writing, social media, programming, whatever), tools and techniques are easy to learn.

Unfortunately, most people do the inverse. They first focus on tricks and techniques and then search for emotional connect. Even before they start doing something, they want to measure their success. They end up spreading themselves thin on various social channels and often create noise.

Finally, like any other successful journeys, social media is a process and not a destination. Here again, intent and emotion fuels us through the road. I have seen companies hiring a social media marketing lead and expecting immediate business leads. It seldom happens.

Once you understand the four aspects below, you will do better, not only in social media but in other areas of life as well:

  • Be intentional. Develop an internal need to do something before attempting it.
  • Fuel it with emotion. Understand the impact of what you say and do. Be passionate.
  • In the beginning, don’t measure. Focus on contribution, not on results. Later, measure right things.
  • Enjoy the journey. Seek out new avenues. Connect meaningfully with others. Make a difference.

Join in the conversation: How do you use social media? What parallels can you draw that can help us in other areas of life and work?

– – – – –

Note: This ideas in this post emerged while talking to Becky Robinson at Weaving Influence – as the name of her blog suggests, she uses social media to connect authors with online audiences, weave an influence and make a difference. Thanks Becky!

SHRM India Top-20 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media

This week, SHRM India released a list of “Top 20 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media” where I am featured at #4. It came to me as an unexpected yet a very pleasant surprise. Readers of this blog know that I focus on the people, leadership and culture aspects of quality. I write on topics at the intersection of Leadership, People and Quality.

The list has some very prominent leaders including Kavi, Corporate Learning and Development Professional, Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, Gautam Ghosh, a veteran HR enthusiast and blogger, Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer at Wipro and so on. This recognition emphasizes one very important fact – that in a knowledge and services oriented world, people management and leadership moves beyond the confines of traditional HR Department. Every business leader, middle manager and aspiring leader has to play the role of an HR Manager – to inspire people, tap on their strengths and motivate them to deliver their best work. They have to to understand the nuances of dealing with people if they want to build a culture of excellence. This list is a step forward, because it starts an important debate on social media influence and its role in advancing conversations related to specific topics.

Here is the methodology SHRM followed:

Coming up with a list of Top 20 is a path-defining innovation as it entails sorting through the HR noise to find voices that reflect engaging ideas and insights. For this study, SHRM India compiled a list of 50 Twitter influencers and then shortlisted 20 individuals on various parameters including the follower count, HR related tweets, retweets, and impressions. Data for this report was collected over a period of four months, starting in November 2011 through until the end of February 2012. In a unique spin to gauge the influence of HR conversationalists on immediate audience, the SHRM India Influencer Score was also used for the first time. It factored in the relative standing of an influencer on the basis of followers and impressions, which were established as two key percentile ranks.

I am excited about this recognition because it recognizes the importance of “human factor” in quality. That people are at the core of excellence and all processes, metrics, tools and technologies are enablers of quality. People make it happen.

Additional Info:

– You can also download this report from SHRM India’s homepage.
– Here is the coverage of SHRM’s Top 20 list on Business Standard where I get a mention.

Gratitude 2011

Gratefulness fills me whenever a year ends. Each year brings along new hopes, some challenges, many opportunities. When the year ends, we look back and ruminate on how we did to seize those opportunities, to face those challenges and what we learned out of it all.

One of the things I am so grateful about is this blog, and everything it brings along – clarity in thinking, expansion of my world view, some fantastic (and often life changing) lessons and many encouraging friends. I meet these friends through the words they write – through their passion for sharing ideas and make a difference. Here is a partial list of such friends and mentors on blogosphere that I am so thankful for.

  1. Wally Bock and Michael Wade are two individuals that I respect a lot. They run very high quality blogs that are updated almost everyday. I feel honored whenever they feature my posts on their blogs. I am grateful for knowing such wonderful people.
  2. Kurt Harden runs Cultural Offering Blog and is a source of some great lessons on life and leadership. He appreciates my work as much as I appreciate his. I cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement.
  3. Nicholas Bate is a genius. He is one of my virtual mentors who is also super-creative. He doodles, compiles lists and writes great books. His generosity in sharing his best work with me never fails to amaze me. I am so glad I know him. (Read his latest series: Strategies for Success)
  4. Utpal Vaishnav is a blogger and a cool friend. He reviews my work, validates my thoughts and adds value through his own experience. His blog is a treasure trove of useful insights on project management and self help. His punch line? “No Actions. No Results. Everything else is a commentary.
  5. Rajesh Setty is my guide, mentor and a friend who leads by example. He just does not show the way, but walks the way. He helped me write my first book and encouraged me through a number of conversations thereafter. He is super-generous, thoughtful and inspiring. I am grateful for our connection.
  6. I am thankful to Lisa Haneberg, Becky Robinson and Mary Jo Asmus for their support and encouragement to my work. At various points in 2011, they connected via Twitter, emails and blog to extend help, inspiration and opportunities.
  7. John Hunter is a passionate improvement expert who shares profound insight and research on his blog “Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog”. He also features great thinkers on quality, leadership and lean related topics via his Management Improvement Carnivals.
  8. I am grateful to have known Dan McCarthy and learned a great deal about leadership and people management via his blog “Great Leadership”. Dan is also known as a host of Carnival of Leadership Development.
  9. Seth Godin is my hero. He wrote a profound book “Linchpin” (reviewed here). This year, he wrote “Poke the Box” and released several other master pieces at The Domino Project. I reviewed Poke the Box this year (with a one question interview with Seth Godin). I am cannot end my “thank you” list without a mention of this generous human being who is on a mission to instigate people to do great work and make a difference.

A blog exists because people read it. I wrote last year, “This blog is a skeleton, a tool. Whatever I write here is flesh and blood. But readers, i.e. YOU are the soul.“ So, thank you for reading and supporting QAspire Blog. I have enjoyed all the interactions with you via my posts, comments and interactions through Twitter and QAspire Facebook page.

Merry Christmas!

Gratitude – 2010

I am filled with gratefulness as I think about 2010 coming to an end. The reason I love blogging is that while I express myself, I meet some very interesting people – meet them through the words we write and through our passion of sharing ideas to make a small difference in the world we all live in.

I am thankful to my friends Rajesh Setty (for being my guide and mentor), to Lisa Haneberg, Phil Gerbyshak and Utpal Vaishnav (for being such cool friends), ActiveGarage team (for hosting series of my posts on Quality), Nicholas Bate (for his profound insights), Kurt Harden (for his generous mentions) and Michael Wade (Nicholas, Michael and Kurt are awesome threesome).

I am very proud to be a part of a wonderful community of leadership bloggers and am grateful to Dan McCarthy (for his insights and for hosting Leadership Development Carnival), to Mary Jo Asmus, Becky Robinson (be sure to check out her new blog) and Wally Bock.

John Hunter is a passionate improvement expert who shares some profound lessons on management, leadership, lean and Deming. Ivana Sendecka is a remarkable individual who is working really hard shipping inspiration and making a difference. Her blog is an interesting collection of thoughtful questions, experiences and stories that inspire. Thanks to both of them for enlightening and inspiring.

I know that the list is incomplete. It will run into pages if I list everyone who interact/make a difference via their  tweets, blog posts and videos (Just a stat: I have more than 220 amazing blogs in my feed reader)

This blog is a skeleton, a tool. Whatever I write here is flesh and blood. But readers, i.e. you are the soul. So, a BIG THANKS TO YOU for being an ardent reader/supporter of QAspire Blog. I have enjoyed all the interactions with you via my posts, comments and interactions through QAspire Facebook page. You validate me, correct me, inspire me and above all, allow me to be myself.

I wish you all a REMARKABLE 2011!

Focus on Relationships and Tale of Two Leaders

Consider the following tale of two sales leaders who wanted to be successful:

– – –

In his quest to achieve his sales targets, Peter was overly focused on "closing the sale". When in front of a customer, he often focused on what the "next steps" would be. He sold from the mindset of "What all can be sold to this customer out of all my services?" and tried to maximize his sales. He would constantly try to fit his services and convince customer that they really needed it. He believed that sales was all about selling ice cubes in Antarctica! He danced in joy when he closed a sale – and would then focus his energies completely on next sales closure. Peter was successful on a short-term, but his success was often short-lived. He wondered ‘Why?’

– – –

Jack, on the other hand, believed in "building a relationship". When a sale was closed, he considered it as a beginning of a relationship. When in front of a customer, he mostly focused on "understanding/listening" what customer had to say. He sold from the mindset of "What are your problems and how can my services solve them?" and tried to map services with real problems. He believed that sales was all about building relationship through delivery of "value". Without getting overwhelmed (or overjoyed) about the sales closure, he focused his energy to communicate and align people for success. Jack was considered ‘slow’ initially, but he knew he had built a foundation of great relationships for a long term.

– – –

The difference between Peter and Jack was that of the mindset – of purpose and of clarity. Jack knew that business happens and reputation is built only when you solve "real" problems of your customer. For that, first step is to understand and carefully listen. That is the starting point of all relationships. The difference between their mindsets is same as the difference between "hearing" and "listening", between "watching" and "seeing".

– – –

Note: This post is a continuation of my first post “Focus on Effectiveness and Tale of Two Managers” – written on same lines, but with a different message. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

99Tribes by ActiveGarage – Building Valuable Relationships

Today, I would like to congratulate my friends at ActiveGarage for launching their flagship project  – 99Tribes which is a people discovery engine for Twitter.(See the announcement)

In real life, we quickly build connection with people who share common interests. 99Tribes allows you to discover people on Twitter who share your interests.

Consider the following:

Based on the patented Rawsugar technology, you can start discovering people by typing what you are interested in (popular examples being: marketing, sales, blogging etc.)

Like any directory, 99Tribes will show the search results. What happens next shows the power of discovery.

On the left column, you will notice a set of tags. These tags show the “other” interests of people displayed in the search results.

For example, marketing may be your interest and you search on Marketing. Looking at the tags on the left you may notice that a set of people interested in marketing are interested in music too. You click on music and now the search results are updated to reflect people who are interested in Marketing and Music. It does not stop there. The tags get updated and you may notice that there are number of people who are interested in Music and Marketing are also interested in Fashion and Art. Or Camping or Hiking.

This is a brilliant concept because it allows you to connect to like minded people.

The world of Twitter is magical world because it empowers you to build meaningful connections by having authentic conversations. It is no more about just building ‘connections’ but about building ‘valuable relationships’ – 99Tribes is a brilliant concept and also an opportunity to find more like minded people whom you can connect with to build meaningful relationships.

Check it out at

Bonus: Also check out why my friend Becky Robinson (at Mountain State University’s School of Leadership Development) loves social media – and what it means for leaders.

You might also like revisiting a series of 14 Quality and Improvement articles I wrote at ActiveGarage as a part of #QUALITYtweet series.

QAspire Blog Makes it to Top150 Management/Leadership Blogs

Top150 … and I am very proud and happy about it. Jurgen Appelo (over at NOOP.NL), whom I have been reading since last couple of years, has compiled a list of Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs. QAspire Blog ranks 89 amongst these, when mere inclusion in the list is an honor in itself.

There are several tipping points in a blog’s career, those moments that clearly take it into the next league. This is an important milestone and an indication of growing popularity of this blog. This makes all the effort so far – totally worth it.

Thank you Jurgen – for taking an initiative to compile this list based on Google, Twitter Grader, Alexa and Technorati ratings.

Bonus Reading:

Have a GREAT day ahead!

P.S: Thanks to my friends Nicholas Bate and Kurt Harden for congratulating me via their blog posts – this only raises expectations and pushes me to do it better! BIG THANKS!

Carnival of Leadership Development and 4 Years of Blogging

2836828090_d44f5278bd[1] This month’s Carnival of Leadership Development is hosted by Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender blog. I am happy to have my post 3 Lessons in Building Great Relationships with Customers featured there along with some of the best posts on Leadership Development. If you are looking for some fantastic reading on leadership and allied subjects, you should quickly check out the latest Carnival.

Sharlyn and Mr. Bartender are celebrating their 23rd anniversary and hence, the posts in this month’s carnival are organized according to the blog anniversary. During the submission process, I was asked “How long have you been blogging?”

That is when I realized that I will be completing 4 years of productive blogging later this month. When you immerse yourself in doing what you love doing, all ‘metrics’ take a backseat. You just keep doing it without any expectations, simply enjoying the process.  That, to me, is the cornerstone of all success and satisfaction.

My blogging has taken me places without going anywhere. I have some great friends across the globe with whom I share ‘thought-based relationship’. We are connected by our thoughts. I am no where near to being famous or earning money through this blog (and that is not even a distant ambition!). I just love doing it – everything else is a by-product.

I started blogging in April 2006 and wrote my first post titled “Solutions Perspective”. I have come a long way since then experimenting new stuff, overcoming my own resistance to write and sometimes overcoming the “writers block”.

Why did I start blogging?

  • because I was passionate about sharing lessons I learned while doing my work.
  • because I always wanted to get better at writing and expression.
  • because I wanted to ‘explore’ this new fad called ‘blogging’.

How has it helped me?

  • It sharpened and shaped my thinking. I became an ‘observer’ to my own thinking patterns and happenings around me.
  • It helped me become a better writer and get good at expressing myself clearly.
  • I had a heightened awareness about my areas of focus and learned a great deal about them. Lessons I wrote came from things that worked for me and also from reading/thinking.
  • Blogging helped me increase my reading, subscribing to other great blogs and discovering new blogs.
  • Blogging encouraged me to do more – more reading, more writing and more thinking.
  • I understood the power of ‘contributing’ – comments, link love, guest posts and so many other ways of adding value.
  • It opened up new opportunities for me through people I came to know via blogging.
  • I get immense satisfaction after I write a good post that resonates well with so many people. If any of my blog post so far has helped even few individuals for better, I think all the effort so far is worth it.

So this month is special in more ways than one. Stay tuned for special offerings this month – to mark the 4th anniversary of this blog. I am super-excited.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Photo Courtesy: Kristina’s Flickr Photostream

While I was away…

Last year was very hectic for me – work, travel, book, blog and a host of other things. I needed a good break to re-energize and spend quality time with my family and hence, last week, I took a one-week break to Goa – my favorite destination. Sandy and rocky beaches, palms dotting the skyline, overcast skies, the grandeur of vast Arabian Sea, Portuguese architecture (some of the world heritage sites), cathedrals and food has always enticed me. A week spent without cell phone, internet and connectivity helped me spend time quality with my family and myself. My batteries are recharged and I am ready to take on more work, more reading, more thinking and more writing.

In social media, a lot can happen in one week, and it did.

There were a number of interesting conversations on the blogs I follow and I am yet to catch up with all of them. I hope to read them all in the coming week and get back on track.

I wish you a wonderful and productive week ahead!

In the photo: Vagator beach in North Goa.

My Guest Post: “Perseverance” at LeaderTalk


This is another high point in my blogging career. Thanks to Becky Robinson, my personal story on “Perseverance” has been posted today on Leadertalk – the blog of Mountain State University’s School of Leadership. I wrote this post when I was in Helsinki, Finland.

Here is an excerpt:

“In the equation of success, having a purpose is one part, another is one’s ability to persist. I have seen a number of people who, when faced with difficult situation, just did what their heart told them.”

Read the full post here. Thanks Becky, for this opportunity.

Readers, I await your comments!

Announcing my new book: #QUALITYtweet – 140 bite-sized ideas to deliver quality in every project

Writing a book (at least one in my lifetime) was my dream and I am glad to announce that my dream is finally coming true with my first book titled #QUALITYtweet – 140 bite-sized ideas to deliver quality in every project”.


This book is a compilation of 140 ideas on quality management. Each idea is in form of a tweet – no longer than 140 characters. Twitter’s popularity has proven that you can indeed say a lot in 140 characters.

The inspiration for this book came from Rajesh Setty – my mentor and a very good friend. This book is a part of Rajesh Setty’s #TH!NKtweet series. I cannot thank him enough for his generosity.

The basic premise of this book is that Quality is still a very heavy subject with lot of focus on models, frameworks and theories. With limited time to read, people want short and practical insights on how quality can be managed. This is a book you can read in less than 30 minutes. You can read it over and over again, because each tweet will prompt you to think.

The foreword of #QUALITYtweet is written by Dr. Pankaj Jalote who is an accomplished author, academician and a veteran in the field of Software Quality and Processes. You can read more about him here. Many thanks to him.

I also thank Lisa Haneberg, Skip Angel, Phil Gerbyshak and Michael Wade for their kind words of advance praise. They have been great teachers for me over past few years and they continue to enlighten me. Utpal Vaishnav is a cool friend who reviewed the book with lot of love and care. I thank all my peers at Gateway TechnoLabs who have been extremely supportive and encouraging. Readers of this blog have never failed to inspire me.

The book will hit the stands on 11/11/2009, my daughter’s third birthday! Stay tuned for more updates on #QUALITYtweet in the time to come.

Be Defiant!

Here is yet another proof of how powerful social media can be. I am very glad to announce the official launch of my friend and guide Rajesh Setty’s new free eBook – defiant! Practical Tips for Thriving in Tough Times

Here are some of the key highlights of the book:

  • Its completely FREE and you can download it from here. (No Registration Required)
  • The entire project was conceived, created and implemented using the power of social media. The key tools used were LinkedIn Answers, Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • This book includes a collection of 80+ tips from 50+ smart people (including yours truly) who contributed to the project and shared their tips/ideas on how to thrive in a difficult time. I have shared the tip on how remaining alternatively skilled can really help you find your next opportunity. You can read my tip (#46) on page 64.

It is very inspiring to see how you can use the power of social media to create very relevant content.

I am sure you will enjoy the book as much as I did. If you like it, drop a note in the comments section.

Happy reading!

Selected Photos at my Flickr – Helsinki and more!

I have recently updated my Flickr Photostream with some new chosen pictures. Enjoy the photos at Your comments are priceless.

Here are some highlights:


This is a peepal leaf against light. The veins of leaf came so clear that this looks like roads of a well planned city.

This is a beautiful flower at Esplanade Park Helsinki Harbor. More pictures of Helsinki Harbor at my Flickr Stream.

Lutherian Cathedral – Dome View. Also called Helsinki Cathedral, this monument is like Taj Mahal of Finland. It looks even beautiful when viewed from the sea.

If you enjoyed these, I am sure you will enjoy the rest. So what are you waiting for? Jump on to Flickr to see more.

What 5 things you do everyday to be successful?

There was an interesting question on LinkedIn Answers recently – “What 4 or 5 things do you do each and every day to be successful?“. Now that was thought-provoking.

Here is my list of 5 things that I do (or try to do) everyday to be/remain successful:

  • Eat healthy and walk to stay fit. No fun being successful and sick! 🙂 Get 7 hours of sleep and maintain a mental balance that is needed for managing difficult situations at work.
  • Be thankful for what I have. Everyday for 5 minutes, I think of what I have that others only yearn for. Being thankful for gifts you have (health, intellect, family, passion, willingness, work, kids etc.) is essential part of “success-thinking”. Be thankful to the family for they are the ones for whom you want to be successful.
  • Observe/Learn. Observe patterns in the way things happen, in the way people behave, mistakes made by others. When I observe and learn something, I blog about it. Blog is an important knowledge management tool for documenting my learnings. Part of my success project. 🙂
  • Aspire for Quality – quality in interactions, quality in client calls, quality in work products I generate. Quality everywhere. Because Quality delivers an experience. Quality drives success. Good quality means a pleasant experience that is memorable. Challenge though, is to balance quality with timeline. Tight deadlines does not mean poor quality. Isn’t it?
  • Delegate. Doing everything yourself is a sure way to limit your capacity. One of the most important traits of successful people is that they are able to multiply their capacity by virtue of delegating. By delegating, you also give others a chance to lift their game up and be excellent.

What does your list look like? Well, I am curious to know. Give it a thought and share it in comments.

Image Courtesy: Yogi’s photostream on Flickr

Welcome to Blog

Welcome to newly hosted QAspire Blog – a blog from Tanmay Vora. If you are a first time visitor, I have been blogging since last 3 years and you can explore all my previous posts/thoughts/comments by browsing the categories at right. Its great to have you here.

My old blog was at: and it will still remain live, but new posts/updates will be posted here.’s NEW RSS Feed: If you have been a regular reader of the old  blog, please use the above RSS feed location to re-subscribe. If you are a first time visitor, you can do a fresh RSS subscription using the link above. I look forward to have some great conversations on quality, management, improvement and leadership here.

Thank you for stopping by!


Big THANKS to Nicholas Bate for a gift of ideas!

I referred to few great lists from Nicholas Bate – “Professionalism101“, “Be Different25” and “Outrageous101” earlier on this blog. I mentioned earlier that I felt very upbeat after reading these lists.

I would like to express a BIG Thanks to Nicholas Bate for sending me autographed copies of his books How to Sell and Market Your Way Out of This Recession and Get Your Business Buzzing Like Never Before (even Though Your Customers Don’t Want to Know!) and Instant MBA: Think, Perform and Earn Like a Top Business School Graduate (52 Brilliant Ideas) along with host of other small booklets and a wonderful greeting card signed by him.

Over at About page on his blog, Nicholas has written that he is passionate about supporting people to ensure they realise and release their true and full potential. This gesture goes on to prove that he lives his passion.

These books are a valuable addition to my collection and I am sure to pick up some very valuable insights. Thanks to blogging, I have been able to communicate and build relationships with some of the most eminent thinkers. It can’t get better than this.

Thanks Nicholas, and I look forward to reading more of those thoughtful and provocative lists. This is certainly a high point in my blogging career.

Leadership Development Carnival – April Edition

The April Leadership Development Carnival is up at “Great Leadership” blog by Dan McCarthy. For those who are aren’t aware of Carnival concept, Carnival is a blog event where excellent insights on a particular topic are hosted in form of single post with links to original blog posts.

Great Leadership” is an excellent Leadership blog which offers remarkable insights on Leadership and related subjects and is also the host of Leadership Development Carnival.

I am happy and proud that one of my posts “Personal Leadership – It shines in difficult times” has been included in the Leadership Development Carnival along with other great blog posts on Leadership subject. I am particularly excited because this was my maiden participation in a blog carnival.

Recognition is important because it pushes you to do better – and inclusion of my post on Leadership Development Carnival just does that!

I recommend you to drop by the Leadership Development Carnival to read some very useful and practical insights on Leadership.

"Be Different" and other great lists from Nicholas Bate

Nicholas Bate is at it again – lists I mean. He is simply too good at articulating his thoughts in lists of 10, 25 and 100 points. Lists that are provocative and call for action. I did refer to his “Professionalism 101” list earlier. This time around, its “Be Different 25” – list of 25 things you can do to be different.

You should read the full list on his blog, but here are 10 that I liked the most:

    • Be punctual;
    • Encourage others;
    • Listen to understand;
    • Get really, really good at some things;
    • Accept the above may take you years, but it’ll be fun;
    • Lead whether or not you have manager/leader/supervisor in your job title;
    • Grab every damn opportunity;
    • When those run out: create your own damn opportunities;
    • Say thank you;
    • Be grateful;

By the way, there is one more list titled “Outrageous101” – I like it each and every point mentioned there. So if I try to list down my favorites, I am afraid, I will end up reproducing the w hole post!

So, I would recommend that you read it yourself – Outrageous101. Outrageous thinking, outrageous goals, outrageous value and outrageous living!

I feel so upbeat when I read these lists and I am sure you will too! Enjoy!