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What Personal Mastery is NOT

This excerpt was a part of my talk at Ahmedabad Management Association about "Personal Mastery: They Key to Deliver Quality". In this excerpt, I talk about what personal mastery is NOT. (YouTube Link)

Tanmay Vora at Lunch with DriveThruHR – Radio Show

I was invited to share my lessons on Quality and HR at DriveThruHR – a 30 minutes daily radio show at 12:00 PM Central Time that features guest speakers who share their knowledge and experience in HR and allied areas.


#IndiaHRLive: LIVE talk on Critical Thinking for Leadership Hiring, Development and Assessment – Tanmay Vora and Shashir Shetty

In this joint session with Mr. Shashir Shetty, Regional Head at Pearson TalentLens, I share my lessons and ideas on Critical Thinking for Leadership Hiring, Development and Assessment. It was an exciting Google+ Hangout and fun answering questions that people asked via Twitter. If you see my video and photo toggling, don’t worry! It happened because of connectivity issues :(

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