Six Rules to Simplify Work

Most re-organization efforts either focus on hard stuff (processes, strategy, structure, KPI’s) or on soft stuff (culture, values, relationships, feelings). I have seen very few reorganization efforts in my career that are focused on the most important aspect of how value is delivered to customers: Simplicity

Simplicity stems from decentralization of power. “New Power” as they call it, is all about empowering people, creating conducive ecosystems for performance, learning collectively and encouraging collaboration. Most complexity in organization is introduced in an attempt to centralize power. The focus then is on adding more checks, processes, structures, metrics, KPI’s, incentives, coordinating offices and such.

Yesterday, I saw a very interesting TED talk by Yves Morieux (Boston Consulting Group) where he says,

Complicatedness: This is your battle, business leaders. The real battle is not against competitors. This is rubbish, very abstract. When do we meet competitors to fight them? The real battle is against ourselves, against our bureaucracy, our complicatedness. Only you can fight, can do it.

The talk sets the context on how organizations increase complexity and offers useful ideas on how work can be simplified. Here are my notes from the talk and I recommend you watch this insightful and provocative talk to gain a more well rounded view.

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Friday Reflection: The ‘Real’ Powers!

This morning when I was praying, God again appeared. HE gently put His hand on my head and said –

My Son,

Most people live with an illusion that real power is in wealth. In degrees. In material.

They spend most of their lives looking for power “somewhere out there”.

I have “gifted” each human being with great powers that lie “within” them.

The power to think. Imagine. Visualize.

To choose your battles.

To choose between mediocrity and greatness.

The power to understand, listen and relate with other human beings.

To see the best in them.

The power to read. To grasp. To learn.

The power to walk. Talk. Choose your words.

The power to change your perspectives. Shape your attitude.

To focus. To concentrate. To direct your energies.

The power to smile. The power to love others.

You can create whatever you decide to.

Ability to decide – that is your supreme strength.

So, look within. Not outside.

That is where your real powers are.

I have gifted you – will you care to unwrap these gifts?

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Photo by Tanmay Vora: Core of a flower at Esplanade Park, Helsinki, Finland

Great Quote – Tasks and Power

It is 1:20 AM, Sunday and I am preparing on subject “Project Management and Quality” for a talk I am going to deliver today at 10:30 AM to fellow project managers at Project Management Institute.

Preparing for this exercise pushed me to think beyond the obvious – and I have some fresh insights on issues related to project management and quality assurance. I am looking forward to this event since I will be speaking at a professional forum to a group of experienced and knowledgeable individuals at PMI. Most of my other speaking engagements so far have been with educational institutes and this one’s going to be different.

While going through some of the references, I came across this simple and powerful quote on tasks and power – it was hard to miss this one on the blog. Here it goes –


Very inspiring quote to end my week. Have a great weekend!

Update: The talk at PMI was good, well appreciated and satisfying. I spoke without a powerpoint guiding me (or rather limiting my thoughts). Just could not find time to prepare a PPT. But ideas just flowed in, case studies just came naturally and it was smooth. Amazing how one can go on talking about subjects dear to them.