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Tanmay Vora is a blogger, author, management consultant and a recognized social media influencer. At QAspire Blog, which he founded in 2006, Tanmay combines his passion of writing/teaching with his deep interest in excellence, leadership, people and human aspect of building a culture of excellence.

Professionally, Tanmay Vora leads the corporate quality and project management office at CIGNEX Datamatics – a global leader in open source system integration. Tanmay has 16 years of diverse experience in IT industry building teams, leading quality programs, managing projects, providing process consulting and driving improvement initiatives. He specializes in starting new initiatives within the organizations and forming new teams from scratch.

He has been actively associated with professional organizations like Project Management Institute and Computer Society of India. He served Computer Society of India as a member of the managing committee. Tanmay speaks and consults on Quality and is a founder/host of QAspire Blog. In 2009, Tanmay wrote his first book titled #QUALITYtweet and he regularly contributes his writing to various blogs, magazines and books. He tweets as @tnvora

He also loves writing real life short stories, reading, photography and is a passionate explorer of management and leadership subjects. He currently lives in Ahmedabad.

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Tanmay Vora is a blogger, author,  management consultant and a recognized social media influencer who is passionate about excellence, leadership and people. He speaks/consults on quality, improvement and leadership and hosts QAspire Blog. He tweets as @tnvora.

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Delivered Lectures and Keynotes at:

  • Nirma University, Institute of Law
  • xCellon Business School, Final Year MBA Class
  • SANDHAN, Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Govt. of Gujarat Initiative, Gandhinagar
  • Ahmedabad Management Association
  • GLS Institute of Computer Technology, Ahmedabad.

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