SHRM Top 25 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media 2014

Last week, SHRM India published a list of “Top 25 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media” for the year 2014-15.

I am glad to be ranked amongst top 5 influencers for the third consecutive year. Each year, SHRM India raises the bar and changes evaluation method. This year, they considered activity/interactions beyond Twitter to cover Blog, LinkedIn, Klout and Quora.

This recognition underlines my belief in the human aspect of how work gets done. Which also means we need to do better at creating systems where human beings can thrive and make a difference.

And therefore, I am excited!

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LinkedIn InApps – Connecting WordPress Blog to LinkedIn Profile

I always thought about integrating my blog to my LinkedIn profile. The only way I could do that so far was to add my blog URL in LinkedIn profile – and add a LinkedIn profile button onto my blog. I always wanted something more than this.

And it finally happened with LinkedIn introducing “InApps” – a collection of applications that can be used in your LinkedIn profile. I used “Wordpress” app and connected my blog to my profile in a way that now people can also see summary of recent blog posts from within my LinkedIn profile.

Great that Web 2.0 is finally coming togather to enable someone have a unified and integrated profile. There are some other good apps one can use – go, check it out!

Hat tip to Web Worker Daily blog for pointing me to this useful resource.