Delivering Value through Interactions and ROII

Last week, I had a number of new followers on Twitter. I already have a steady readership on my blog. This means more number of people are sparing valuable slice of their online time in reading what I have to say.

Knowing the fact that time is the most valuable resource we all have, I am more cautious on what value I deliver to the people spending this valuable resource and following my thoughts.

Extending this, I can say that every interaction I do with people at work, every speaking engagement that I get into – I am responsible for delivering value in return of the time people invest in those interactions.

Rajesh defines this as ROII (Return on Investment in Interaction) – and it is an important differentiating factor for managers, leaders and professionals alike. Knowing this, I consciously try to deliver value in all interactions.

Important questions as I start this week are –

  • As a professional, do you provide enough value to people who interact with you (in person, via blog, twitter, email etc.)?
  • After each interaction, do you leave people slightly better than what they were before the interaction?

Have a great week ahead!